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Industrial Inspection Specialists

Inspectahire are the UK's leading Remote Visual Inspection specialists providing industrial inspection services and technology. We support civil engineering, oil and gas, shipping, and energy companies with trained technicians, equipment hire, sales, and maintenance.

Established in 1981, we have the knowledge and experience needed to explore hard-to-reach and harsh environments quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

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Whatever you do, we've got you covered!

From the legs of oil & gas platforms to the tips of wind turbines, via railway infrastructure and factory machinery, we have been called upon to undertake all types of inspections, in all environments – including harsh and hazardous areas.

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Oil & Gas

Having worked for three decades in the Oil & Gas industry, both in the North Sea and Worldwide, we have built up a strong expertise in this sector.

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Power Generation

Often the shape or size of your asset can make you wonder how you should go about ensuring that it is safe, free from corrosion, operating effectively or not leaking.

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As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy gathers pace.

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Civil Engineering

Ensuring your assets are structurally sound and well maintained is important as the implications can be far reaching.

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Every industry has risks, but the level and type of these varies from industry to industry. Often the solution to overcome the risk and problem is the same irrespective of the industry.

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Food & Drink

Risks appear in every industry, but the type, scale and impact vary. Identifying the problem and solving it quickly is important.

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Recent projects

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

The Royal Mint Remote Cleaning & Inspection

The Inspectahire team deployed December 2021 to affect Water Jetting of a Retort using HP Retro-jetting techniques for the removal of Zinc Oxide and Brass deposits from the internal bore of a Retort...

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Wind turbine inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy grows apace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind...

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Hydro power station support infrastructure inspection

Between the 1930’s and 1950’s there was a concerted effort throughout Scotland to develop hydro power stations to produce electricity to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

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What do our clients say about us?

  • I have used and work with your team for around 8 years and have promoted your services/technologies throughout our business (Ineos/Petroineos) and our companies have always been please with the results. The field team are very proactive knowledgeable guys and the office team are much the same and very helpful and efficient.

    - Petroineos (PIMSL)

  • Excellent technical knowledge and the site demonstration provided of the various models was very beneficial.

    - Balfour Beatty


Need to service your equipment?

Inspectahire are the authorised Service Centre for IPEK CCTV kit in the North of Scotland and has a workshop available to assist maintain and service your IPEK equipment with IPEK trained technicians. As the Teledyne FLIR Distributor for their Commercial, Gas Imaging and Security Cameras Inspectahire act as the focal point for accessing the Service and Calibration capabilities undertaken by FLIR Service centres both in the UK and in Sweden.

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No matter the issue, we've got you covered!

Regular inspections can identify problems before they arise, saving you time and money in the long run. Additionally, asset owners have to comply with Environmental and HSE regulations and our technologies and services can ensure your compliance.

Optical Gas Imaging

Regular inspections can identify problems before they arise, saving you time and money in the long run.

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Site Surveys

Our qualified technicians can come to sites and advise clients on what types of inspection are suitable and practical for the different sections of their plant.

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UAV Inspections

Our technicians use a number of different UAV's to carry out surveys of many tall structures such as flares, masts, chimneys, unmanned platforms.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of applications. Thermal imaging cameras can be used to identify a number of property issues...

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Structural Monitoring

The world around us contains many significant structures: buildings, bridges, walls, jetties, to name a few, and they are exposed to the environment...

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Featured Products

If you are looking to purchase the latest, high-quality visual inspection equipment then take a look below at some of our featured products below, or explore our full range for more.


  • FLIR-G-Series-G620.jpg

    The FLIR Gx320, G620, and Gx620 OGI cameras are used to detect hydrocarbons, methane (CH4), and other Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions...

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  • videray px Ultra

    Videray PX Ultra

    As the industry’s first 160 KeV X-ray source enabling users to see through 10mm of steel, this is the most powerful handheld X-ray imager.

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  • FLIR cx5 PNG

    FLIR Cx5

    The FLIR Cx5 is certified for use in many explosive environments, eliminating the need to acquire hot work permits due to gas, vapour an dust...

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Get the most out of your equipment...

Inspectahire are approved as Teledyne FLIR training providers for Optical Gas Imaging (OGI). Using the latest technology from Teledyne FLIR, Inspectahire provide quality training in OGI with the use of the FLIR GF Camera systems.

Our Instructors are all ITC approved and have a minimum of 10 years working in the Offshore / Oil & Gas environment and have used the GF Camera systems extensively for baseline surveys and LDAR programs.

Learn more about our courses.