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Inspectahire are the UK's leading visual surveillance, scanning and monitoring specialists. We have led the way in providing the latest and most effective technologies to the security industry, Governments and critical infrastructure for over 35 years.

Perimeter Security

Inspectahire recognises the paramount importance of robust perimeter security solutions in safeguarding assets, personnel, and critical infrastructure. Our comprehensive approach to perimeter security integrates cutting-edge technology with strategic design and vigilant monitoring to mitigate potential threats effectively. Leveraging advanced surveillance systems, intrusion detection sensors, including radar, and access control mechanisms, we tailor solutions to suit diverse environments, from industrial sites to commercial complexes.

Border Security

With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, Inspectahire strives to provide governments and border control agencies with the tools and expertise needed to maintain secure and efficient borders, thereby protecting against illicit activities, ensuring national sovereignty, and fostering safe and prosperous communities. We provide the latest and most advanced backscatter x ray technologies designed to identify explosives, concealed weapons and contraband.

Venue Security

At Inspectahire we are experienced in providing both permanent and temporary venue security solutions. These include internal and external surveillance technologies, imaging enhancement, access security and scanning technologies to ensure that only authorised individuals can gain access through approved entry points and no weapons or dangerous materials can be transported into the venue. 
We have worked with event organisers and security consultants to provide security solutions to some of the world’s most high profile events.

Infrastructure Security

Inspectahire specialise in providing comprehensive infrastructure security solutions, designed to safeguard critical assets against a diverse range of threats. Our experts conduct detailed surveys, to detect weaknesses and then provide recommendations as to how to improve security posture by implementing appropriate surveillance and monitoring technologies. From critical industrial facilities to transportation networks, Inspectahire provide the solutions to mitigate potential risks, ensuring uninterrupted operations and safeguarding against evolving security challenges.

Talk to one of our experts

If you are looking for the latest surveillance technology or need the most effective and easily deployed security scanning devices, Inspectahire will have a solution to most effectively support your needs or assignment. Contact our technical team for all enquiries.