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Distilleries are production facilities. From CCTV surveys of feed and drainage pipework, through IRIS and Eddy Current surveys of heat exchangers and condensers, PEC surveys of insulated pipework, and EMUUA Standard Tank inspections, complimented by Optical Gas imaging surveys for Ethanol leaks, asset owners gain valuable information to maintain the efficiency of operation.

Our surveys find and identify the source of any vapour leak which can be quickly rectified, often with minimal interruption, providing an immediate and positive impact on production output. Without a vapour survey and intervention, these costly vapour leaks can often go undetected for months or even years.


Inspection services made for your industry

Optical Gas Imaging

Regular inspections utilising our Optical Gas Imaging cameras, we are able to identify where Ethanol is emitting into the atmosphere, which equates to a production loss for the distillery. Additionally, asset owners have to comply with Environmental and HSE regulations and our technologies and services can ensure your compliance.

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