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Power Generation


Inspectahire's expertise in remote visual inspection has been appreciated by many of the UK's civil and military nuclear facilities for decades, from Dounreay in the North, to Dunganess in the South, our ability to deploy inspection and retrieval tooling in such facilities is appreciated.


Inspection services made for your industry


Pipework provides the arteries of any plant or vessel and our Remote Visual inspection services utilising a vast range of endoscopes, borescopes, CCTV and thermography to ascertain the condition of these subjects.

Our teams can also deploy cleaning equipment to remove debris or foreign objects. Our NDT technicians can undertake a range of basic NDT methods to check welds and for wall loss on bends.

Talk to one of our experts

Contact our technical team for all enquiries. Our teams are here to help and ready to provide friendly advice on all aspects of inspection projects.