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Site Survey


Our qualified technicians can come to sites and advise clients on what types of inspection are suitable and practical for the different sections of their plant. This can range from a domestic premise through to entire production modules or development sites.

Equipment for the solution

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

  • videoray-pro4-w480h315

    VideoRay Pro 4

    The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of more than a decade of ROV design and development.

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  • Spyball

    Spyball & Spyball HD

    Submertec's revolutionary Spyball combines a remote control underwater video camera with pan and tilt unit in one compact assembly that can rotate to look in any direction – without restriction.

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  • Teledyne Bowtech L3C

    Bowtech L3C Bullet Camera

    The Bowtech Products L3C-720 miniature high resolution underwater colour CCD camera, provides a low cost solution to general underwater viewing and observation.

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  • Optronic

    Optronic 18mm & 23mm

    Optronic 18mm & 23mm Custom System Toughened Polymer Reel with power supply control unit and 60m of cable.

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Recent projects

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

The Royal Mint Remote Cleaning & Inspection

The Inspectahire team deployed December 2021 to affect Water Jetting of a Retort using HP Retro-jetting techniques for the removal of Zinc Oxide and Brass deposits from the internal bore of a Retort...

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Wind turbine inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy grows apace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind...

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Hydro power station support infrastructure inspection

Between the 1930’s and 1950’s there was a concerted effort throughout Scotland to develop hydro power stations to produce electricity to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

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Talk to one of our experts

Contact our technical team for all enquiries. Our teams are here to help and ready to provide friendly advice on all aspects of inspection projects.