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Food and Drink

We believe good ingredients are the recipe for success

Risks appear in every industry, but the type, scale and impact vary. Identifying the problem and solving it quickly is important. Often you wonder due to the size, shape, environment or location of your asset, how you should safely inspect it for leaks and structural integrity. Using skills developed across three decades of international multi-industry work, we are able to provide creative inspection solutions using the latest technology.



Distilleries are production processes. From CCTV surveys of feed and drainage pipework, through IRIS and Eddy Current surveys of heat exchangers and condensers, PEC surveys of insulated pipework, and EMUUA Standard Tank inspections, complimented by Optical Gas imaging surveys for Ethanol leaks, asset owners gain valuable information to maintain the efficiency of operation.

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Manufacturing Sites

Keeping production facilities operating efficiently is a fundamental driver for all owners of such sites, and our range of NDE services such as Thermography and Gas emission surveys, mean that plants can be monitored whilst remaining in operation. When outages are planned, our teams can then support invasive investigations.