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Civil Engineering


We have worked on inspecting the internals of a wide variety of rail structures - bridges, tunnels, abutments, culverts as well as rail vehicles using from simple borescopes, to ROVS and sonar technology. For the tunnel vent shafts we avoid man entry, deploying cameras and laser scanning equipment so the engineers get a full 3D model of the structure.


Inspection services made for your industry

Laser Cavity & Void Scanning

Void Scanner Laser Surveying System for void mapping and stope mapping.

Our system is utilised by Network Rail for site investigations. Void Scanning is the most reliable, cost-effective way to carry out the regular mapping of underground shafts, voids and stopes.

We can integrate our CCTV technology at the same time giving a comprehensive survey.

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Contact our technical team for all enquiries. Our teams are here to help and ready to provide friendly advice on all aspects of inspection projects.