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Storage Tank Survey


Storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes and contain solids, liquids and gases, so all pose inspection challenges. Our EMMUA159 qualified tank inspectors guide clients and our teams as to the requirements of the inspection standard and what can be done to ensure compliance.

GRP & Thermoplastic tanks used in industrial heavy engineering applications have typically been regarded as “fit and forget” items, with lifetimes based purely on manufacturer’s recommendations. This often does not take into account the specific conditions of tank usage, leading both to tank failure in service, and the unnecessary scrapping of serviceable tanks.

We can provide a full suite of technologies, from floor scanners, UT, tanks robots, laser scanning and where tanks are fluid filled we deploy ROV's and sonar to perform practical surveys. We have also specialised in bespoke services for tank owners such as being able to investigate and replace the base heating systems of LNG tanks whilst they remain operational.


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Storage Tank Integrity Inspection is one of the specialist NDT services provided by Inspectahire. We provide a very comprehensive range of techniques & services for the inspection of above ground or below ground storage tanks. We have technicians qualified to EEMUA 159 / API 653 and have a wealth of experience gained from many sites across the UK.

  • In-Service Inspections.
  • Out of service inspections
  • Above Ground and Buried Tanks 
  • GRP Tanks
  • Black Poly-Propylene Tanks

Inspectahire provides a comprehensive report supplying the owner/operator with recommendations and options for continued safe use of the tank.

Equipment for the solution

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

  • videoray-pro4-w480h315

    VideoRay Pro 4

    The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of more than a decade of ROV design and development.

    View the equipment
  • Elios2.JPG-1

    Elios Collision-Tolerant Drone

    Allowing for the first time to fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces...

    View the equipment
  • maxwell-pect-instrument-w480h315

    PECT Instrument

    The new PECT instrument comprises a ruggedized tablet computer connected to a data...

    View the equipment
  • cordex-genesis-latern-

    CorDEX UT5000 Thickness Gauge

    The UT5000 Ultrasonic thickness gauge has been certified for ATEX and IECEx...

    View the equipment
  • maxwell-standard-probes-w480h315

    PECT Instrument Standard Probes

    Four standard probes: small, medium, large and extra-large, each optimized for a specific lift-off range.

    View the equipment
  • maxwell-underwater-probes-1-w390

    PECT Instrument Underwater Probes

    The two underwater probes can operate at depths up to either 30m or 1000m for ROV use.

    View the equipment
  • Scorpion-DCP-600x600

    Scorpion DCP

    The Scorpion DCP remote access crawler uses a unique “Dry Coupled” wheel probe eliminating the need for traditional couplant.

    View the equipment
  • MFE-2412

    MFE 2412 Mark II

    The MFE 2412 Mark II tank floor scanner uses Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology to accurately detect defects in the inspection surface.

    View the equipment
  • 3D Mod Leica BLK 360

    3D MOD Leica BLK 360

    The all-new Leica BLK360 is an advanced precision imaging laser scanner. At the push of a button, users can capture a full scan with spherical images in only twenty seconds...

    View the equipment
  • inuktun-magghd-w480h315

    Inuktun maggHD Magnetic crawler

    Miniature magnetic crawler offers a unique solution for High Definition remote visual inspection (RVI) across a broad range of applications.

    View the equipment
  • IPLEX TX Videoprobe

    We provide access to their sales, service, and warranty for lifetime support and are also the approved training provider for their products.

    View the equipment
  • Vacuum Box

    Vacuum Box

    The latest edition to SilverWing’s vacuum box range is the V750 which has been completely redesigned with the operator andAPI 650 / 653 inspection standards in mind.

    View the equipment

Recent projects

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

The Royal Mint Remote Cleaning & Inspection

The Inspectahire team deployed December 2021 to affect Water Jetting of a Retort using HP Retro-jetting techniques for the removal of Zinc Oxide and Brass deposits from the internal bore of a Retort...

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Wind turbine inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy grows apace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind...

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Hydro power station support infrastructure inspection

Between the 1930’s and 1950’s there was a concerted effort throughout Scotland to develop hydro power stations to produce electricity to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

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Contact our technical team for all enquiries. Our teams are here to help and ready to provide friendly advice on all aspects of inspection projects.