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Blade Inspection


Blades are found on a number of mechanical assets from aircraft engines, power station power plants, through to wind and sea turbines. We have some of the smallest fibrescopes, so that from the internal cooling holes, right up to the massive wind turbine blades, we have a range of options for internally and externally inspecting them.

Equipment for the solution

  • sky-eye-prime-w480h315

    Sky Eye Prime

    The Sky Eye Prime is the most proven UAV model of the Sky Eye product range and the perfect tool for inventory, inspection, and overview. With world-leading technology, the Prime is...

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  • sky-eye-mammoth-close-up-w390

    Sky Eye Mammoth

    The Mammoth can carry a payload of 4,500 g (160 oz) and comes equipped with a powerful onboard computer. Intelligence Sensor and software integration allows you to control sensor output from the ground...

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  • ipek-rovver-125-crawler-angled-w390

    iPEK Rovver 125 Crawler

    It is ideally suited for many applications due to its modular design and ability to inspect inside pipes with diameters ranging from 100mm to 1000mm. It is the smallest crawler in its class, thereby giving it the ability to...

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  • ipek-rx400-1

    RX400 CRAWLER Ø 400 MM - 1300 MM

    The RX400 is also available as EX version proving this crawler’s versatility in any underground inspection situation. Fitted with 4 or 6 powerful LED lamps for optimum illumination provides clarity for image capturing...

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  • Magg HD crawler

    Inuktun maggHD Magnetic crawler

    Miniature magnetic crawler offers a unique solution for High Definition (full 1080p HD) remote visual inspection (RVI) across a broad range of applications...

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  • pearpoint-p448-ex-tractor-side-w480h315

    Pearpoint P448 EX Tractor

    The speed and stamina of the P448 Explosion Proof Tractor means more inspection meterage per day. Carrying Pearpoint cameras further and faster the rugged P448 tractor is fully steerable and can operate in pipes ranging from 457 mm (18”) in diameter...

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  • pEARPOINT P350

    Pearpoint P350 Flexitrax

    Weather-proofed surface equipment (IP53 rated), for outdoor use.Downhole equipment capable of operating submerged (IP68 rated) to depth of 330’ (100m).Survey pipes from 1 ¼ “(35mm) to 24” (600mm) in diameter and above using pushrod and...

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  • Elios2.JPG-1

    Elios Collision-Tolerant Drone

    Allowing for the first time to fly in complex, cluttered or indoor spaces, Elios unleashes the potential of UAVs in numerous applications where their use was previously too dangerous or simply impossible. While conventional methods are still required for maintenance, preliminary...

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Recent projects

Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects across the world. Learn more about what we do and our products!

The Royal Mint Remote Cleaning & Inspection

The Inspectahire team deployed December 2021 to affect Water Jetting of a Retort using HP Retro-jetting techniques for the removal of Zinc Oxide and Brass deposits from the internal bore of a Retort...

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Wind turbine inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy grows apace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind...

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Hydro power station support infrastructure inspection

Between the 1930’s and 1950’s there was a concerted effort throughout Scotland to develop hydro power stations to produce electricity to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

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