About Inspectahire

Inspectahire is one of the leading suppliers of specialist remote visual inspection technology and NDT solutions to companies around the world. Established in 1981, we offer equipment rental, contracting, sales and project engineering services. Our experience is not limited to one industry, we have successfully delivered a wide range of advanced inspection solutions to the oil & gas, subsea, energy, petroleum retail, pharmaceuticals, physical assets, and process industries.

Equipment Sales

FLIR, Radiodetection, CORDex, Sunaero are recognized as World Leading manufacturers of innovative technology to enhance and improve inspections and asset management. Inspectahire are their chosen Distributor for an extensive range of specialist remote visual inspection technology and non-destructive testing equipment. We provide access to their sales and service and warranty for lifetime support. We are also the Approved Training Provider for the products.

Equipment Rental

We are leader in the field of equipment and personnel rental services, supplying specialist remote visual inspection technology and Non Destructive testing equipment to the global marketplace. We have an extensive range of instruments and accessories, coupled with qualified Inspectors and NDT Technicians; we are able to offer total turnkey solutions.

Project Engineering

We were established in 1981 out of innovation, and innovation remains at the heart of our business today. Technologies change, as they do, so does the way in which we can inspect. Our extensive stock of equipment allows us to undertake inspections on a variety of structures in a variety of environments. Each inspection requires a degree of engineering and has to be undertaken in the safest and quickest possible way in order to minimise disruption and reduce costs. Sometimes an inspection poses us a challenge. Using our in-house design capability we are able to custom design a equipment system or solution that always overcomes the challenge.

Contract Services

Inspections do not always need to take place after a problem has occurred. Regular inspections can identify problems before they happen and in the long run save time and money.

We can and do undertake inspections in all sorts of environments - including the harsh and hazardous environments in industry today.

We have inspection experience underwater, on water, underground, on ground and above ground, on assets including Oil Rigs, FPSO’s Bridges, LPG Tanks, boilers, pipes, chimneys, intakes, outfalls, flares, even wind turbine towers and blades