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GPS Log for FLIR GF Cameras Now Released

We are pleased to announce a new firmware update which includes a GPS log feature for all cooled FLIR GF cameras.


In dialogue with important key accounts such as Shell, we discovered that for inspections of refineries and other aspects of the Oil and Gas industry, one must have documented proof to ensure that an observation path is followed during survey.

In the heavily regulatory driven US market, regulation 40 CFR §60.5397a (d)(1) states that:

“If you are using optical gas imaging, your plan must include procedures to ensure that all fugitive emissions components are monitored during each survey. Example procedures include, but are not limited to, a sitemap with an observation path…”

We saw an opportunity to add a logging feature to our FLIR GF cameras. When enabled, it would in regular frequency save the camera’s GPS information to a file on the SD card.


Fig 1.1 GPS Tracking of Route

Product Information

The feature is included in firmware update 3.22.30 available for download on https://flir.custhelp.com/.

While enabled, the feature will start logging data to a .csv file stored on the SD card of the camera. The name of the file is set to “DATE_TIME” when it is created.

The first row of the file is the header row. The following information will be gathered:

  • date
  • time
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • altitude
  • state
  • DOP (dilution of precision)

The GPS information is displayed in the format decimal degrees.

The information stored in the GPS log can be exported and used in any GPS visualization software. As we monitor the reception and adaptation of this feature, we look forward to listening to additional feedback and how this can be integrated into FLIR Thermal Studio for usage with FLIR reports.

Important note: The accuracy of the GPS information is limited to the accuracy of the GPS receiver in the camera. If you have interference or bad reception, the accuracy of the log will go down.

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