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New Handheld Backscatter X-ray Imager

Introducing the New Videray PX1

The first generation of true inspection technology designed to be powerful, portable and user friendly has arrived.

Leading the new era of non-intrusive inspection systems (NIIS) is our intelligently crafted handheld backscatter x-ray imager: Videray PX1. Designed with more power to ensure a better performance, a bigger detector for greater inspection analysis, and with the end user in mind to ensure smooth inspections every single time.

The new Videray PX1 takes the guesswork out of inspections by using safe backscatter radiation technology at extremely low levels, allowing you to thoroughly scan and analyse any surface or object quickly and safely.

User optimised, the Videray PX1 is a ready to go solution for non-intrusive inspections, with an ergonomic design, easy to read anti glare touchscreen and a wide range of imaging filters allowing you to better analyse your inspection results. The Videray PX1 offers the deepest surface penetration in the market with a 140 keV power source whilst remaining user friendly and ensuring the lowest user exposure possible.

With a wide range of applications, The Videray PX1 allows you to carry out efficient inspections safely and effectively while ensuring the best possible results.

The Highlights:

  • Gain deeper penetration in steel, aluminum, concrete, carbon fibre and typical plastic with backscatter X-Ray technology, the deepest surface penetration in the market.
  • Infinity Detector for improved scan standoff distance and image performance.
  • High quality 4K integrated camera, with dual flashlights and precise vertical line lasers to ensure the highest quality imaging and inspection process.
  • Custom 7” HD anti glare display optimised for outdoor readability.
  • Ergonomic design complete with user configurable handle buttons as well as both left and right handed operation.
  • 64GB internal storage + cloud storage.
  • Full connectivity (wifi, bluetooth, GPS and cellular).