Regular inspections can identify problems before they arise, saving you time and money in the long run. Additionally asset owners have to comply with Environmental and HSE regulations and our technologies and services can ensure your compliance.

Our technicians are experienced in carrying out inspections in a plethora of environments from explosive or radioactive sites, to potable water or fluid, as well as assets such as oil rigs, FPSO’s, bridges, LPG tanks, boilers, aircraft, refineries, distilleries, pipes, chimneys, intakes, outfalls, flares, and wind turbine towers and blades.

Identify problems before they happen

Having established an enviable track record as a result of our multi-industry experience, we often draw on the experiences from one industry and apply them in an innovative way in another, along the way setting industry firsts.

Our technicians have extensive experience and qualifications in providing inspection and training services. We offer a wide range of inspection solutions such as visual surveys, NDT, gas emissions surveys, weld inspection, foreign object retrievals, IRIS surveys of Heat Exchangers, ROV/UAV surveys, Thermography, Ultrasonic thickness surveys, PMI, Tank and Vessel Inspections.

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With its uncooled, high-resolution detector and cutting-edge functionality, the FLIR A655sc helps researchers and scientists accurately quantify thermal patterns, leakage, dissipation, and other heat related factors in equipment, products, and processes in real-time.

SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY & SENSITIVITY Record crisp thermal images, even at high speeds

EASY, FLEXIBLE DATA COLLECTION True plug and play connectivity simplifies data monitoring and sharing

ADVANCED SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY Get more out of your data with advanced analysis tools

Product Features

  • Produce clearly detailed 640 x 480 thermal images using the maintenance free vanadium oxide (VoX) microbolometer
  • Detect temperature differences as small as 50 mK
  • Record 14-bit, full-frame data at up to 50 Hz, or 200 Hz with windowing
  • Fast image transfer over GigE Vision, using low-cost standard cables up to 100 meters
  • Integrate with FLIR ResearchIR or third-party software seamlessly over Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • Control the camera with GenICam protocol support
  • Control and capture data directly intoFLIR ResearchIR Max or MathWorks® MATLAB
  • Stream data directly to a PC running software for live viewing, recording, analysis, and sharing
  • Integrate with your proprietary software through optional Software Developers Kit (SDK)

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