QL320 for FLIR GFx320/GF320 - Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging System

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QL320 for FLIR GFx320/GF320 - Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging System

The QL320 by Providence Photonics is a quantitative optical gas imaging (OGI) system designed specifically for use with the FLIR GFx320 and the FLIR GF320 OGI cameras.

This system allows surveyors to measure the leak rates for methane and other hydrocarbons, eliminating the need for secondary sampling with a toxic vapor analyzer or similar tool. Unlike these traditional measurement systems, the QL320 does not require close contact with the gas in order to measure emission rates, making it a safer solution for quantifying gas leaks.

Quantifies Gas with Immediate Results

Simplifies the visualization and measurement of gas emissions

  • Determine the mass leak rates (lb/h or g/h) or volumetric leak rates (cc/min or L/min) for most hydrocarbon gases
  • Measure the size of fugitive emissions from safe distances, as far as 100 feet
  • Highlight gas plumes with color for improved visibility

Ensures Effective Readings and Reports

The QL320 has the built-in tools needed to obtain quantifiable readings

  • Validate leak survey and determine suitablility of background conditions with delta temperature screening tool
  • Easily synchronize to multiple optics and temperature ranges
  • In-field reporting includes archiving of measurements, colorized video and raw image and raw image data for analysis and post-processing

Designed Tough for Industrial Environments

Tablet-based system is rugged enough for use in gas fields, refineries, or other industrial settings

  • Included touch-screen tablet is dust- and water-tight (IP65 certified)
  • Connects easily to the FLIR GFx320 and FLIR GF320 without the need for camera modifications
  • Display provides high contrast for easy reading, even in bright conditions

Key Features

  • Quantifies mass or volumetric leak rates
  • Designed specifically for the FLIR GFx320/GF320
  • Includes plume highlighting, delta temperature screening
  • Touchscreen tablet is rugged, sun-readable
  • No camera modifications or added accessories needed
  • Use factory calibration or calibrate unit in the field