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The current, traditional techniques of releasing stubborn manhole covers have been shown to have health and safety implications.

The ManUp Key provides a one-man solution to allow stuck manholes to be released without chiselling or hammering. Its patented slide hammer exerts a momentary upward force capable of releasing stuck, jammed and rusted chamber covers quickly and efficiently.

The Patented ManUp Key – A slide hammer action manhole releasing tool for freeing all manner of stuck manholes.




Product Features

  • 32mm Flat Tip – 002F32
    One of the most commonly used manhole key shapes world wide. Will fit most manholes that have a roughly 30mm sized keyhole.
  • 22mm Flat Tip – 003F22
    Designed to fit any manhole cover with a keyhole size of roughly 20mm.
  • 12mm Threaded Tip – 004T12
    Designed for use on access covers commonly found indoors that have threaded keyholes.
  • 10mm Threaded Tip – 005T10
  • Safely retrieve foreign objects from inaccessible areas with the fork and tine FOSAR retrieval tool. Operating standalone or mounted to a video probe, these stainless steel instruments bend through twisting passages. 6mm OD.The fork and tine retrieval FOSAR tool is available in a 6mm outer diameter when closed and in lengths of 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet , 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet.The plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the fork and tine retrieval tool when removing foreign objects from small openings located in inaccessible areas.
  • 10mm J Tip – 007J10
    A 10mm ‘J’ shaped hook can be used on many different types of manholes, access covers and gulleys.
  • 8mm J Tip – 006J08
    A 8mm ‘J’ shaped hook can be used on many different types of manholes, access covers and gulleys.
  • Fire Hydrant Valve Key – 011HYD
    The stop tap valve key, designed specifically for use with the ManUp Key’s slide hammer action to stop the key getting stuck on valves.
  • 31mm Oval Key – 008Ø30
    The 30mm Oval tip, originally designed for use in the Australian market, will fit any manhole or access cover with a 31mm x 15mm oval shaped keyhole.

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