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The Patented ManUp Key – A slide hammer action manhole releasing tool for freeing all manner of stuck manholes

32mm Flat Tip – 002F32

Mu 30mm flat

One of the most commonly used manhole key shapes world wide. Will fit most manholes that have a roughly 30mm sized keyhole

22mm Flat Tip – 003F22

Mu 20mm flat

Designed to fit any manhole cover with a keyhole size of roughly 20mm.

12mm Threaded Tip – 004T12

Mu 12mm threaded

Designed for use on access covers commonly found indoors that have threaded keyholes.

10mm Threaded Tip – 005T10

Mu 10mm threaded

Safely retrieve foreign objects from inaccessible areas with the fork and tine FOSAR retrieval tool. Operating standalone or mounted to a video probe, these stainless steel instruments bend through twisting passages. 6mm OD.

The fork and tine retrieval FOSAR tool is available in a 6mm outer diameter when closed and in lengths of 11.5 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet , 33 feet, 40 feet, or 50 feet.

The plunger style handle controls the opening and closing of the fork and tine retrieval tool when removing foreign objects from small openings located in inaccessible areas.

10mm J Tip – 007J10

Mu 10mm hook

A 10mm ‘J’ shaped hook can be used on many different types of manholes, access covers and gulleys.

8mm J Tip – 006J08

Mu 8mm hook

A 8mm ‘J’ shaped hook can be used on many different types of manholes, access covers and gulleys.

Fire Hydrant Valve Key – 011HYD

Mu stop tap

The stop tap valve key, designed specifcally for use with the ManUp Key’s slide hammer action to stop the key getting stuck on valves.

31mm Oval Key – 008Ø30

Mu 30mm australia oval

The 30mm Oval tip, origninally designed for use in the Australian market, will fit any manhole or access cover with a 31mm x 15mm oval shaped keyhole.