Pearpoint P448 EX Tractor

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Pearpoint P448 EX Tractor

The speed and stamina of the P448 Explosion Proof Tractor means more inspection metreage per day. Carrying Pearpoint cameras further and faster the rugged P448 tractor is fully steerable and can operate in pipes ranging from 457 mm (18”) in diameter and up. A versatile modular inspection system , capable of inspecting pipes in potentially explosive Zone 1 environments.

A fail safe remotely controlled elevator allows for camera height adjustment as the tractor travels through the pipe. The P448 operates in rapid reverse allowing more time for inspection and less time for set up. The explosion proof tractor is capable of turning on its own axis and enables surveys of 600m in length. It also allows negotiation of pipes with radical bends. The speed of the tractor is continuously variable and employs a dual range transmission that enables the operator to choose high speed or high torque, as appropriate. Ideal for petroleum pipelines, storage tanks, etc.


With 200mm 8 wheels 620 x 328 x 220mm / 24.4” x 12.9” x 8.7” | 69.9kg / 153.4lbs

With 305mm 12 wheels 704 x 390 x 305mm / 27.7” x 86” x 12” | 73.6kg / 162.3lbs

Weight without wheels 510(l) x 445(h) x 290(w)mm | 63.6kg / 140.2lbs

Operating Temp -20°C to +40°C

Construction Cast bronze / anodised aluminium body stainless steel fittings

Wateproof 160psi (11 bar); IP68

Pipe diameter 457mm minimum; maximum pipe size limited only by illumination

Speeds Variable, forward / reverse drive; 4-wheels drive with counter rotate steering; two speed gear with electric clutch



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