Explosion Proof Cameras

Explosion Proof Cameras

Using normal cameras in many environments can be catastrophic, the risk of explosion from the atmosphere igniting after a camera’s flash is extremely high. In comparison, the range of explosion proof cameras we provide are built from the ground-up to use technology that will not ignite the atmosphere, meaning photographs can be taken without worry by the engineer.

The ToughPIX 2300XP series of explosion-proof digital camera has been designed to aid professionals in the petrochemical, gas, mining and marine industries to capture still images and short movies in hazardous (explosive) areas.

Developed by North Yorkshire-based CorDEX Instruments, the cameras are fitted with a high intensity strobe flash that allows it to capture high quality still images, up to 10 megapixels, in zero light and unstable environments.

The ToughPIX 2300XP series has a range of certifications across the different models including ATEX, CSA and South African IS, covering Zone 1IIC T4, I M2/Ex d I Mb and Class I Div.1 B, C and D hazardous (explosive) areas.

We are also delighted to announce the launch of the world’s first high-resolution thermal imager that’s certified for safe operation in Zone 1 explosive atmospheres.

The CorDEX TC7000 is an intrinsically safe camera and ensures data capture is accurate and simple, and with the RFID tag reader built in to the TC7000 this enables thermal images and voice comments to be linked to a location. This temperature, location and time data builds into a powerful trending and predictive tool when downloaded to CorDEX CONNECT™ software.

Both of these cameras are intrinsically safe and are available on a rental or contract basis. Contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.