Pipeline Tractors

Pipeline Tractors

From an early age, we build a picture of a tractor being a large, rugged four wheeled agricultural vehicle. Technically described as, ‘a motor vehicle with large rear wheels, used to pull heavy loads’, the term is now used in inspection equipment to describe a vehicle which carries inspection equipment on land. They are sometimes also referred to within the industry as pipeline crawlers.

With either four or six wheels and controlled and powered by an umbilical, their rugged design allows them to be used in pipes, sewers and tunnels as well as on land. Some pipeline tractors are designed to be explosion-proof, allowing them to safely undertake inspections in hazardous areas. Fitted with zoom, pan and tilt cameras they offer a versatile inspection solution.

Our range offers a varied choice of Intrinsically Safe, Explosion Proof / Standard rugged and powerful inspection products for inspecting pipelines, conduits and tunnels from 1 ¼ ” / 25mm diameter and upward.

Most crawlers have variable speed settings which allow them to travel further, faster and have an auto reverse function which allows them to be returned quickly to the inspection start point. Due to their compact nature some tractors are able to turn on their own axis, which further aids their versatility.

Take a look at our products listed below or for more information on the range of tractors we have available on a rental or contract basis to please contact us directly.

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