Laser Technology/Metrology

Laser Technology/Metrology

It is all very well being able to see inside void spaces but sometimes this does not give a full understanding of them and you need to measure the size of the void.  With modern laser technology we are now able to do this. The process is called metrology – the science of measurement.

We offer a range of laser technology which can be used to scan and measure voids, pipes, tanks, vessels and landslip areas.

Renishaw is the world leader in high-speed laser measurement and surveying systems that are designed for use in extreme environments where speed, accuracy and safety matter. They are the manufacturer of C-ALS (Cavity Auto-scanning Laser System) which is a laser cavity monitoring device designed to map inaccessible areas. 

They manufacture laser systems for marine, mining and mapping applications have been developed over many years of close work with those in the field, and have been widely adopted due to their reliability and ease of use.

For internal void inspection the scanning system would be deployed via a borehole. The system has a motorised two axis head which is attached to a flexible umbilical and is protected by an outer metal case, and can complete a 360º scan of the void. Some systems have a diameter of just 50 mm (1.97 in) and can scan a range of up to 150 m (492 ft).

To measure defects within tanks simpler scaling measuring systems are used. For pipeline measurement a camera mounted ring laser would be employed. This can determine the pipe ovality, erosion and other similar issues. We have also engineered customised systems for measuring individual defects and this is an area where technology continues to develop.

We have used metrology to undertake pipe end measurements which has significantly reduced the duration of pipelay projects.

With the measurement data gathered it is possible to produce three-dimensional visuals of the area scanned. These can give a detailed understanding and explanation of the area and help identify the work which needs to be undertaken.

The distance meter is an ideal device for offshore personnel working on high-risk installations who currently have to obtain special ‘hot work permits’ to use standard electronic measuring devices. The possibilities for use offshore are endless and the meter is particularly useful when measuring pipes or equipment which are difficult to reach.

We provide a range of metrology solutions but also offer simple physical measuring solutions such as verniers and callipers. All of these are available on a rental or contract basis contact us directly for more information.

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