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The Trace 400 - The most compact and simple leak detector using Helium tracer gas.

The Trace 400 is a portable, compact helium leak detector that can run on its own battery for up to four hours. Weighing only 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs) including the battery, it can be taken everywhere. Controlled by a microprocessor, it is easy to use. All tuning and zeroing are handled automatically. The Trace 400 is designed to specifically meet the industrial requirements of leak detection applications. It can detect very small leaks by applying a slight helium/air pressure inside the object. It is sensitive to helium concentrations as small as 2 parts per million.

A state-of-the-art Helium Detector.

The Trace 400 using the proprietary and patented Selective Ion Pump Detection (SIPD) method. The SIPD sensor incorporates a quartz capillary tube maintained under high vacuum by an ion pump. The quartz tube is heated with a platinum filament and becomes permeable to helium. As the partial pressure of helium in the ion pump increases, so does the current drawn by the ion pump (proportional to the pressure). The onboard processor converts the current draw to the corresponding helium concentration present in the Trace 400 test probe. The Trace 400 detector offers high performance combined with a low cost of ownership, providing an effective upgrade from pressure decay, blow back and ultrasound leak detection methods.


Lowest Helium Concentration  2ppm

Lowest Detectable Leak  5x10-6 std mbarl/s

Response Time  2 second

Battery Run Time  4 hours

Battery Unit  Sealed rechargeable battery

Temperature  +5°C to +35°C (+41°F tp 95°F)

Humidity  90% maximum

Weight 2.6kg (5.7lbs)

Size  290 x 170 x 130mm