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Technical Specifications

The Sky Eye 3X is designed for high end aerial filming and photography. Our machine comes with unique design and features like the vibration damping system, inner and outer chassi in combination with the three axes gimbal makes it ideal for filmmaking and photography. Thanks to its’ stable shoots you will avoid any post stabilization work that otherwise costs time, money and reduces quality. Suitable for and tested with DSLR camera types like the Panasonic GH4, Sony A7s and other high end solutions like Black Magic and smaller production videocameras.

The Sky Eye 3X UAV opens up for a whole new way of taking the aerial shoots you need to stand out as an media professional.  You can control the camera most essential functions via the UAV operators radio control. Adding our fault tolerance solutions such as the unique parachute system and redundant flight control you secure your equipment.

  • Weather protected Electronics: closed housing
  • 3-axis camera gimbal for optimal stabilization
  • Foldable design for easy transportation
  • Position lights red, green and white
  • Camera control – Universal camera control and trigger (let us know your camera model for optimal fitting)
  • Vibration damping to the extreme – hydraulic dampers and dual chassi


  • Video transmitter and HDMI conversion
  • SD-Card recording of video stream on the operators video monitor

Width: 28cm  ​

Height: 28cm

Length without propellers: 75cm

Length with propellers: 95cm

Diameter: 102cm

Weight with basic Electronics: ~4100g

Max Payload: 1500g

Recommended GVW*: ~9500g

Operation temperature: -30 °C - +50 °C

Operating speed: 15 m/s​

Rate of climb: 6 m/s​

Maximum thrust: 228 N

Max current flight time: ~30min