PECT Instrument Underwater Probes

  • maxwell pect instrument and carry case
  • maxwell pect underwater probe 3000
  • maxwell pect underwater probe 3016

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The two underwater probes can operate at depths up to either 30m or 1000m for ROV use.


Material - Carbon steel and low-alloyed steel

Probe Types Housing Types:
  1. Splash Zone (30m water depth)
  2. ROV Probes (1000m water depth)
Coil Arrangements:
  1. P2 (lift-off range 0-50mm)
  2. P3 (lift-off range 40-125mm)
Probe Dimensions Underwater probe: LxWxH = 210mm x 82mm x 75mm
ROV probe LxWxH = 210mm x 82mm x 75mm
Probe Weight Underwater probe: 1.8 kg in air; 0.7kg in water
ROV probe: 4.7 kg in air, 3.6kg in water
Probe Attachment Two M5 holes in the lid
Umbilical Connection Detachable; JUPITER REC 14M connector.
Umbilical Length Any length between 5m and 250m
Umbilical Diameter 12.0 ± 0.3mm
Umbilical Weight 196 kg per 1000 meter in air; 80 kg per 1000 meter in water
Depth Rating Splash zone probe: 30m
ROV probe: 1500m
Umbilical and connectors: 2500m
Maximum steel thickness2) P2 type: 35mm carbon steel
P3 type: 50mm carbon steel
Probe lift-off range2) P2 type 0mm to 50mm
P3 type 40mm to 125mm