Cygnus CygScope RD

  • Cygnus CygScope RD
  • Cygnus CygScope RD

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A digital ultrasonic listening device, the CygScope RD enables simple and fast detection of leaks in industrial machinery by measuring ultrasound which is generated by gas and liquid leaks. Test results are displayed on the LED bar graph and are delivered audibly either via headphones or internal loudspeakers.

In addition, the CygScope RD has a digital LCD readout to allow comparative measurements to be taken for regular maintenance checks over given periods.

  • Ultrasound amplitude clearly displayed on LCD screen and LED bar-graph
  • Equipped with a second amplification circuit, the LCD readout is independent of the LED bar-graph
  • Audio alert through built-in loudspeaker or headphones
  • The function of storing maximum value of an ultrasound signal helps locate the source of the maximum amplitude
  • Backlight switches on automatically when the ambient light is low
  • Practical, robust instrument suited to virtually all types of leak detection
  • Simple to use
  • Highly sensitive, with a large variety of probes.