Case Studies

Each inspection requires a degree of engineering and has to be undertaken in the safest and quickest possible way in order to minimise disruption and reduce costs. We strive to offer our clients the most effective answer for their challenge from a simple hire through to a bespoke inspection solution. Over the years we have delivered these solutions on challenging structures such as the Forth Rail Bridge, the BT Tower, World's largest Single skin LPG tanks, as well as a number of major offshore platforms. Each of these inspections posed us a challenge, however using our in-house design capabilities we were able to custom design a solution that overcame the challenge. Our solutions are designed to get results.

Inspecting a 1920s Hydro Electricity Station

As the focus on utilising renewable energy in the home and industry gathers pace, it appears that we may be looking to the past to power our future.

Wind Turbine Inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy grows apace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind farms are increasing, and so too is the requirement to ensure they are operating effectively.

Sullom Voe Terminal

The World’s Largest Single skin LPG tanks are located at the Sullom Voe Terminal in the Shetland Island’s. Each tank has a 22 000 tonnes capacity. They are 48m in diameter and erected in the 1970’s.

Atmospheric Tank Inspection

Over the past 10 year Inspectahire has specialised in carrying out RVI in hazardous / EX environments, vessels tanks etc. In 2008 Inspectahire expanded into Atmospheric Tank Inspection, progressing the company forward into a new field.

Gas Thermal Imaging Cameras

When the we are tasked with the detection of fugitive hydrocarbon emissions, FLIR’s GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera is our preferred technology to use.

Survey of 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn

Inspectahire has helped to protect a unique piece of Scottish heritage at one of the country’s most iconic battlefields. We were approached by the National Trust for Scotland to survey the imposing 120-foot tall flagpole at Bannockburn to determine its condition.

Annulus Push-rod Camera Inspection

Inspectahire carried out a remote CCTV inspection of damaged conductors on a number of wells on board a large offshore platform. The inspection was carried out during normal production conditions on the platform.

Distillery Inspection

Inspectahire were tasked with carrying out a non-instrusive Gas Find Thermographic survey of Lagavulin and Caol Ila distilleries on Islay during May 2013.The aims of the survey was to check the external vents outside the distilleries buildings for venting Ethanol Alcohol that is a known loss from the production stream. Other subjects which form part of the of the process were also included in the survey.

Duct Inspection

The Old Town Hall was built in 1910, with a large extension added in 1937. It is a grade A listed property, in its history it has been a bank, a town hall, a council office and conference centre and is currently used as a film set for various film and media companies. We carried out an investigation of the existing air ducts within the property as requested and specified by Rare Architects on behalf of the client.

Fire Pump Bullet Camera

Inspectahire were asked to carry out a CVI (Close Visual Inspection) of the Firewater Pump 3201B on a large offshore platform on behalf of major Oil company. The pump itself was located in the pump room which was under cover. Access to the Pump Discharge Column Internals was facilitated by the removal of a section of the discharge pipework

Flare Tip Inspection

We successively carried out a Flare Tip inspection using the zeppelin technology in 2013. The aim of the inspection was the assess the condition of the subject and note any areas of concern. An example of the images capture is shown in this document. The client was also provided with the full high spec video of the inspection, along with a detailed report.

Heat Exchanger

Inspectahire carry out a number of international inspections, they have a large team of trained inspectors who can travel to work on site when required. In 2012 they were contacted by Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY) - an international oil and gas exploration and production company. The company requested Inspectahire to carry out a range of inspections on a site in Qatar.

Underwater Pipeline Inspection

 We were tasked with carrying out a Subsea Water Pipe Survey at Flotta, in Orkney. The aim of the inspection was to determine the condition of the two pipes which ran from the eastern shore to the west. The brief of the job stated the two pipes were 6m apart, however after carrying out the inspection it was determined they were actually around 60-70m apart.

Royal Mint Inspection

The Royal Mint has a requirement to undertake a condition appraisal on a retort (scroll) that forms part of a Coin Annealing Royary Furnace.

ROV Inspections

Inspectahire were tasked with carrying out a sea water tank inspection on the Brent Charlie in 2013. The job proposal stated they were to check Column 3 SW tank riser section for blockages and restrictions.