Inspectahires' UAV division takes flight

Inspectahire taking inspection to new heights

Inspectahire are delighted to announce the launch of our new aerial Inspection division. We have recently purchased a number of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle), which will further enhance our already vast inspection expertise. As a company we work across a number of industries from oil & gas to physical assets. Our new aerial technology has the capability to be relevant to the large amount of diverse industries which we cover.

Inspectahire is committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes. We specialise in creating solutions to challenging inspections, our UAV technology has proved to be a fantastic tool in meeting this goal. The technology can be used by companies working both onshore and offshore throughout the world.

Our UAV’s can perform close visual inspection on a number subjects both large and small. From free standing physical assets like transmission towers to surveying the entirety of a large offshore platform. The main benefit the technology offers is the inspection is carried out at the fraction of the cost of traditional means. In most cases unmanned aerial surveys also results in little to no down time, meaning costs are further reduced. However the use of high definition cameras attached to the UAV’s structure ensures high quality and clear results.

The technologies relevance is very diverse, although we have a history of working in the oil and gas industry we also have a strong reputation carrying out inspections within the renewables sector. Wind turbines are a very challenging structure to inspect due to the sheer size of there rotary blades. Wind turbine blades often suffer damage as a result of being exposed to extreme weather conditions for a number of years. If the blades become corroded or damaged the total productivity of a turbine will be considerably effected. An aerial inspection can produce a clear and detailed image of the turbines overall condition.

We are experts in carrying out thermographic surveys on land, our UAV’s allow us to take this form of survey to the sky. This kind of inspection will produce a clear thermographic image of a number of subjects. The results will expose excessive heat build up or where heat may be escaping a structure.

Inspectahire Instruments LTD, are a leading Remote Visual Inspection Company. For more information on the UAV’s or to arrange a product demonstration, e-mail  or telephone 01224 789692.