Oil & Gas Inspection Services


We’ll make sure you see it before it’s too late.

Having worked for three decades in the Oil & Gas industry, both in the North Sea and Worldwide, we have built up a strong expertise in this sector. Due to the shape, environment or size of assets it can make you wonder how you should go about safely ensuring that they are: free from corrosion, operating effectively and not leaking.

Relying on our extensive experience and equipment we can carry out inspection services on all sorts of structures, pipes, surfaces and equipment; at all sorts of angles; underwater, on water, below ground, on ground or above ground. We can introduce technology into harsh or hazardous environments, mounted on intrinsically safe pan and tilt mounts or explosion proof tractors. Sometimes the problem dictates that we have to create a solution. When this happens, we can use our in-house design capability to custom design a system.

Inspectahire is committed to being progressive in the application of new technology and developing innovative processes and services to remain a market leader of inspection services.

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